the beginning.

last march i found out i was pregnant. at the time, i had been through 3 brain surgeries and had finally gotten my strength back in the gym and got into a pretty consistent routine. when i found out i was pregnant i thought my life was over. not literally over, it was just going to do a 180 degree turn and i didnt know if i was prepared or not… how can you really prepare yourself for bringing another little human into the world.. i was waking up in the morning somewhere between 9:30-11, i had little direction and/or motivation to finish school, and my relationship was on the rocks. no, thats an understatement. my relationship was in the palms of the devil himself. fast forward… i had a girl (actually a cub. i gave birth to a little lion that roars) and i named her nala. for whatever reason i knew she was going to be fierce and dominating and she is every bit of both. this little girl has personality! so lets fast forward even more and here we are, almost a year later. she’ll be 1 on the 26th and let me tell you, this year has been nothing short of chaos. so much moving around, starting a new job, and just adjusting to life as a new mom and former weight lifter/gym rat. my life has A D J U S T E D to say the least. im proud to say that i am now up before the birds. ok ok, i get up WITH the birds. whatever. im up early and thats all that counts. im also finishing my degree with the intentions of getting in and finishing medical school. so things have definitely changed. that little lion changed my life. shes an angel in disguise (i have to consciously remember that when she dumps out a completely full glass of water or has a meltdown because i wont let her eat 2 week old crumbs on the floor) this blog’s purpose is to just let it out.. everything.. its to show the good/bad/ugly. its to give me and anyone ¬†else hope. i plan on putting my gym routine’s up here just in case someone stumbles upon this and wants to “snap back”. you dont even need to “snap back” from having a baby like i did; you can snap back from anything: a break up, a gluttonous vacation, even just too many day/nights eating like you werent suppose to and not working out like you were suppose to. i had to snap back from each surgery at one point. whatever it is, snap back. snap back fiercely. i figure im not alone with these goals so hopefully someone will read this and relate. im also planning on putting some stuff up here about nala and the adventures that we go on too but thats just because im literally obsessed with her so thats more for me than you, but im sure youll enjoy this little baby as much as i do. i can only hope so.

my little.
this is my little and i.